Cha Tao

The art of serving and drinking tea plays a major cultural role in China and Taiwan. It inspires literature, poetry and music. Mutual love of tea can cement lifelong friendships. For centuries, the ritual of preparing and serving tea has held a special place in the hearts and minds of Chinese aristocracy, court officials, intellectuals, poets, and everyday citizens.

Cha Tao is the traditional Chinese tea ceremony that has been practiced for over a thousand years. Unlike the Japanese tea ceremony, Cha Tao emphasizes the taste of tea, rather than the ritual itself.

Because of this, practitioners are meticulous when it comes to growing, firing, preserving, brewing, and presenting tea. They value not only the tea’s fragrance and flavor, but its overall experience as well. They are aware of the subtleties that affect the way a particular tea tastes, such as the region that it comes from or the round of brewing.

This is Funnel Mill's philosophy.

We scrupulously prepare your tea in its traditional method so that you can enjoy the most flavorful, perfect cup of tea possible. In China, it is a tradition to offer tea as a symbol of hospitality. We strive to maintain this practice by ensuring that our guests always feel at home, regardless of whether or not they order tea.

Cha Tao Ceremony

Unfortunately, the art of Cha Tao is slowly being forgotten in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Our goal is to preserve this tradition by offering the Cha Tao ceremony for small groups of our guests. The cost is $25.00 per person plus the cost of the teas. Please note that this service is available by appointment only.

This is a great way to try several of our teas and learn about their characteristics. Teas are tasted from light to dark, so usually our guests select one each of White, Green, Jasmine, Oolong, and Black tea. We can also help in your selection.