Syphon Brewing

The first thing most people notice about Funnel Mill is the unique method we use to brew our coffees. We use a double glass chamber vacuum pot, which is also known as a Syphon, Cona, Vaculator, or Turkish Coffee Pot. We have perfected the art of Syphon coffee making, and our fans attest that our process yields a smoother, richer, and less bitter cup of joe.

Here's why:

Syphons make great coffee because they optimize temperature, extraction, and contact time. The ideal temperature for brewing coffee is between 196 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. We have found that our Syphons consistently fall into this range, releasing the full spectrum of aroma and flavor in the coffee.

The perfectly heated water makes direct contact with the coffee grounds before it is suctioned away by a vacuum force. The rapid evacuation from the upper chamber extracts the right amount of coffee solids and oils, resulting in more body and flavor. By comparison, a typical drip coffee maker simply pours water over grounds, a process that leaves behind much of the flavor.

Some brewing methods, like the French press, can overextract coffee, infusing it with a bitter taste and an oily mouthfeel. Funnel Mill brews its coffees for only 40 60 seconds, depending on the type of coffee. We use finely ground coffee in our Syphons, which require a very short extraction time. This means we can get a very full flavor without the sacrificing a clean feel and aftertaste.

Funnel Mill takes the art of Syphon brewing to the next level, taking an academic approach to coffee brewing. We have invented many techniques to elicit the best flavors of our beans and to suit the individual preferences of our patrons.

Make it at home

Our customers agree that Syphon brewing is one of the most stylish, inspiring, and exclusive ways to make great coffee. It is no surprise then that many like to brew our beans at home. For these fans, we offer a few Syphon models for sale.